Useful Info

Our Chart


The purpose of this charter is to:

Lay down the basic principles and responsibilities of professional celebrants;
Provide a foundation for a relationship of trust between celebrants and their clients;
Promote quality, authenticity and high moral standards in all ceremonies.
Our Vision

Key moments in an individual’s life (such as birth, marriage or partnership, separation, death) deserve to be marked or celebrated with integrity, in accordance with that person’s most closely-held traditions and beliefs. An increasing number of individuals, couples and families want tailor-made ceremonies that are created independently of any religious institution and that express their emotional, cultural and spiritual values.

Our Mission

As professional celebrants we accompany and guide individuals, couples and families in crafting and conducting ceremonies that reflect their values and match their needs. Each ceremony is unique to the person(s) for whom it is designed.


All members of the Association of Professional Celebrants:

Have been specifically trained to accompany clients and design and conduct non-religious ceremonies for them; or
Have gained their expertise from many years of experience in the field.
In addition, all members of the Association of Professional Celebrants undertake to follow regular training courses along with their peers.

Code of Behavior

Professional Celebrants undertake to:

Build each ceremony around the meaning the client seeks to express;
Honor each client’s personal convictions and practices and respect emotional, cultural and spiritual diversity;
Not parody any pre-existing secular or religious ceremony nor serve any ideology;
Guarantee total confidentiality;
Abide by their own ethical code.

Professional Celebrants undertake to:

Charge fees in accordance with the fee schedule established by the Association.
Provide a contract or invoice specifying the date and venue of the ceremony, the celebrant’s fee and the services provided.


Preparing and conducting a personalized ceremony requires a significant investment from the celebrant in terms of time spent.

As an approximate guideline, our fees are as follows:

Wedding ceremony: from CHF 2,000.-
Funeral ceremony: from CHF 1,200.-
Child naming and other ceremonies: from CHF 600.-
Costs may vary depending on the complexity of the ceremony and any special circumstances or situations involved.

The celebrant may include travel expenses in the base fee or charge for them separately.