Carine Séchaud

The impulse towards a humanity of solidarity and a deep aspiration to grow in contact with others encourage me to develop activities in line with humanist values. That’s why I chose to follow the path of lay funeral officiants.

For over 30 years, I’ve been working in the communications field. Stimulating both writing and interpersonal skills, this profession is synonymous with bridging people and different worlds. A taste for words, for links and for bonding, permeates my career.

Fascinated by human beings and their singular paths, I have taken part in numerous projects taking into account all dimensions of being. In the field of palliative care, I have accompanied several people at the end of their lives. As a yoga teacher, I contributed to the ” Person-Centered Care ” project at Loëx Hospital (Geneva). As a volunteer animator, I worked in the pediatric sector of the HUG with children suffering from heart disease. These experiences, nurtured by memorable encounters, have forged my confidence in our resilience. At any age, at any stage of life!

Today, it is in the ordeal and grief of the bereavement you are going through that I wish to stand by your side. With respect, sensitivity and availability, I will do my utmost to create with you a ceremony in the image of your loved one, in the image of his or her life. I’ll do my utmost to give voice to what matters to you, so that this last tribute takes on the meaning you wish to give it, and so that it soothes what can be soothed.

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