Edith Germanier

I grew up in the Valais, the daughter of mountain farmers and then the wife of a winegrower. The stage is set for a life punctuated by the seasons, which follow one another and never resemble one another.

My basic training as a social worker, a profession I practiced for over 20 years, means I’m at ease with human relations, have a good capacity to deal with the unexpected and be reactive in all situations. Those around me know me to be reliable and conscientious.

My life has been shaped by the values of service and empathy. Recently retired, I trained as a celebrant with Ceremoniae.

The richness of this training, my life as a mother, grandmother and my own experiences of bereavement have prepared me for this new role. I am committed to doing my utmost to provide families with personalized and respectful care, to listen to them and to organize a ceremony that is as close as possible to their needs and wishes. I’d like us to work together to find meaning where it’s hard to find it, and that’s the challenge I propose.

Thank you in advance for your confidence.

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