You’ve just lost a loved one. A funeral ceremony is essential. It allows you to pay
to the deceased, recognize the value and meaning of his or her life, realize the importance of your ties and find some form of peace at the time of separation. Once the ceremony is over, it’s time to turn your attention back to life, taking with you a memory that inspires you.

Professional celebrants, we accompany and support you
as you prepare for your ceremony. Tailor-made funerals are built entirely around the life story, personality and values of the deceased and their family. All this through the testimony of the living.

CAPSA members can also assist those who wish to
their own funeral ceremony.

Find a celebrant

Get to know our celebrants offering funeral ceremonies.

They travel throughout Switzerland and abroad: please contact them directly according to your geographical proximity.

Nathalie Michlig

Blonay - VD

Laurent Chappuis

Rolle - VD

Christine Behrend

Pully - VD

Sonia Iodice

Geneva - VD

Loraine Lüscher

Troinex - GE

Matthias Neri

Grand-Saconnex - GE

Eric Germann

Le Locle - NE

Sylvia Joss

Rolle - VD

Marianne Guéroult

La Grande Béroche - NE

Julien Abegglen Verazzi

Geneva - GE

Léa Candaux Estevez

Val-de-ruz - NE

Laurence Furrer

Geneva - GE

Edith Germanier

Lens - VS

Barbara Daldini

Geneva - GE

Lidia Del Castillo

Geneva - GE

Noel Meylan

Neuchâtel - NE


de Senarclens

Chêne-Bougeries - GE

Fabienne Mark

Clarens - VD

Catherine Alessi Piller

Versoix - GE

Marie-Claire Cavin Piccard

Boulens - VD

Sonia Duc

Geneva - GE

Carine Séchaud

Geneva - GE