Luciano Musitelli

Ever since I began my career, I’ve enjoyed accompanying people through the different stages of their lives.

As a trainer and psychopratician (using the tools of Non-Violent Communication and Maeusthesia), I’m keen to put my skills and my sense of listening at the service of those who feel the need.

It was in 2020, during a moving farewell ceremony, that I realized the importance of being able to accompany bereaved families with gentleness and humanity.

I then decided to train with the Ceremoniae association to become a certified wedding and funeral celebrant.

Today, I pay particular attention to offering personalized, caring support, whether for a happy event such as a wedding or christening, or for a more difficult time such as bereavement or separation.

My aim is to understand what’s important to you, your values, and to create a unique ceremony that puts people at the center of attention.

Telephone: +41 79 616 22 98
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