Sonia Duc

Let me introduce myself: Sonia, in her early fifties, happily married with 3 children.

I grew up in the Vaud countryside and completed an apprenticeship as a building materials sales assistant. At the age of 19, I moved to Geneva for love, and continued my career in sales for some thirty years.

In 2018, after a series of wonderful encounters and training courses that led me on a path closer to my values, I began training to become a doula, a birth attendant, which marked a decisive turning point in my life. I’m passionate about weaving relationships. I love listening, sharing, celebrating and accompanying.

Then I had the pleasure of taking part in the secular wedding celebrations of friends dear to my heart. That evening, we had a long chat with Matthias, a lay celebrant, about his initial training, funerals. The evidence was there: honor our deceased in a beautiful, personalized ceremony, where the loved one is at the center. In this way, we can gently accompany families as they take their first steps on the road to mourning.

Accompanying and celebrating the great cycle of Life.

Today, I’m happy and grateful to have taken the lay funeral celebrant training course with the Ceremoniae association.

I’ll listen to your every need and create a ceremony that suits you.

I have no doubt as to the importance of accompanying the arrivals and departures of this Earth with such Love.

Telephone: +41 79 216 65 51
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