(Re)discover our Open Day!

Léa Candaux and Julien Abegglen Verazzi opened the day with an introduction, followed by a presentation of the program.

The idea was simple: during the morning and early afternoon, participants were invited to select, on a board, the workshops they wished to attend, before joining the speaker in a dedicated area. The aim of each workshop was to explore the link theme from a different angle.

During the morning

Isabelle Livet

During this workshop, Isabelle Livet, a storyteller for over 10 years, revealed the art of integrating storytelling into key moments in our lives. Alongside him, we explored how these stories strengthen our bonds and provide comfort and inspiration.

Rachel Maisonneuve

Rachel Maisonneuve is an artist, cultural mediator and, since 2021, audio producer. His practice of sound allows him to develop his own sound creations in line with his artistic commitment, which since 2020 has been questioning our relationship with animal death and, by extension, our own death.

Ceremony for a Calf” is Rachel Maisonneuve’s latest project. This work is the winner of the Gulliver Fund in 2023 and was created in collaboration with Julien Abegglen Verazzi. Rachel Maisonneuve presented this unusual ritualized meal project, an extract of which we were able to hear.

Andrés Allemand Smaller

During this workshop, Andrés invited us to reflect on “How to use ritual to restore the bonds of friendship to their rightful place in our ceremonies”. This question raised fundamental issues about how we celebrate the important moments in our lives.

Sonia Iodice & Léa Candaux

Sonia and Léa suggested we talk about the role of children in ceremonies. In this workshop, we took the time to think about how we can create a real space for them, to foster their connection to the community.

After lunch, Patrick Genaine, a therapist specializing in bereavement support, introduced us to the “Wind Telephone”, a concept that originated in Japan. It’s a telephone booth set up in the garden, enabling the bereaved to maintain contact with their loved ones.

An ephemeral cabin was set up on site to give visitors the chance to experience the experience from the inside.

In the afternoon

Marie-Claire Cavin Piccard

CAPSA members often have many strings to their bow, and we are fortunate to have a true storyteller in our midst. For this special day, Marie-Claire has invited us on a journey to a land where the bonds between joy and sorrow are forged, and where laughter and tears dance together under the sparkle of words.

Julien Abegglen Verazzi

Julien invited us on a journey into the fascinating world of the Enneagram, a powerful tool for understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. We came with him to explore the depths of this discipline, where each personality trait reveals an unsuspected richness.

The day ended with a welcome aperitif, where we had the opportunity to reflect on the links forged throughout the day and look forward to future collaborations and enriching exchanges.

Many thanks to all the speakers who shared their knowledge and passion during the day. Thanks also to the participants for their presence and enthusiasm, which helped make this Open House memorable and inspiring.

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